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Co-Owner & Cinematographer at Motiontography Studios

Lance Williams has been developing his style as a Cinematographer since 2009;

but has been passionate student of the Arts since a child.

He brings  a vividly detailed element of emotions through imagery into every production.

A graduate of Norfolk State University class of 2012 with a double B.S. in Electronic Engineering & Mathematics,

Lance is very methodical and meticulous about the planning of productions.

He will always push to bring the clients vision to the next level!

Pegues moved from Los Angeles after working with several talented directors such as Darren Grant (Diary of a Mad Black Woman).

His debut music video he directed stars Academy Award winner MoʼNique (Precious) which earned him several best director wins in numerous festivals.

His debut feature film, shot entirely in Washington, DC, launched the acting career of Al Shearer (Glory Road, MTV Punkʼd).

Pegues’ climb to the position of director was the traditional “Hollywood way”, having worked as an editor, camera operator, writer, and PA on several Hollywood studio films, national spots, and international music videos, all the while honing his craft as a director.

It was not until his study with highly acclaimed professor Judith Weston where he admits “I knew a lot about the craft, but so little about the actor.”

It was during his studies with Weston where he believes he earned the title “an Actors Director”.

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